No-Till Seeder

Now Available for 2020, No-Till Seeder for Rent to Berkshire County Farmers

Why No-Till?

Increase crop yield, use less seed, reduce labor cost, conserve water and improve soil structure and carbon sequestration. The no-till seeding approach to planting avoids disturbing the soil structure like traditional tilling does.

How Will Berkshire Conservation District Assist Farmers?

BCD will provide training and support and will assist with delivery and pick up as needed.


The No-Till Seeder is available now through BCD for $50 per day and $15 per acre fee. Reserve your rental by March 15, 2020 and receive a discounted per acre fee! Contact us for more information.

We have had a lot of interest from farmers ready to try the no-till method.  Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to check out our No-Till Seeder up close and personal and learn how it operates!  


Conserving Natural Resources for Our Future